Securing a comfortable retirement while providing a stable lifestyle for your family has become increasingly difficult during recent years.  Volatility in the economy, labor market headwinds, Washington using Social Security as a political football, along with global unrest stemming from multiple regional conflicts can give anyone investing for their future a challenging path to navigate.  Our single-minded focus is your long-term financial health.  So how can American Retirement Planning Group shepherd you through these obstacles, and help you reach your goals?  This begins by understanding how to properly allocate your investments, along with an awareness of when to be invested in the market and when to be on the sidelines. 

American Retirement Planning Group’s comprehensive investment strategy can be divided in two equally important modules.  First: Reducing risk exposure by directing your investments according to our interpretation of the Modern Portfolio Theory.  Second: Provide an exit strategy for your assets during periods of substantial market downturns by applying our proprietary “Tactical Asset Allocation Methodology” (TAAM).   These concepts are essential to the long term financial growth and stability of your investments. 

Our adherence and interpretation to the Modern Portfolio Theory is to help to provide an overall reduction of risk in your investment portfolio.  This theory was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.  We establish the position that you would like to avoid and / or reduce risk whenever possible.  Calibrating the risk and return of a portfolio begins with balancing the individual components in relation to the portfolio as a whole. When considering investment choices, we don't formulate our decision based on the amount of risk. Instead, we examine the individual risk contribution of an investment to the overall risk of the portfolio.  Our interpretation of the Modern Portfolio Theory allocates assets utilizing 75% - 85% of the portfolio in agnostic positions of domestic equities of different sectors and companies, as well as international equities and markets. Followed by a 15% - 25% position of short and intermediate term fixed income exposures and cash or cash equivalents.  This foundation of building a diversified portfolio by spreading out investments over asset class and market region endeavors to properly manage risk and return.  In essence, our firm attempts to provide a stronger, more consistent return while simultaneously lowering your risk exposure.

The development of our proprietary TAAM has been central to our firm’s financial planning service.  This method is simply an exit strategy for your investment assets.  Our focus is to help to protect your investments against severe market downturns of 22% - 55% and is key to maintaining our unique brand of discretionary asset engagement.  During periods of heavy market correction, 100% of your assets are remanded into a short term government bond position and cash or cash equivalents to provide a “sanctuary”.  Our proprietary TAAM begins with utilizing seven fundamental market indicators as well as thirteen technical market indicators ranging from core inflation to bond yield curves.  These twenty indicators have accurately forecasted all six previous heavy market corrections, and has kept our clients from having to suffer their burdening consequence (past performance is not a guarantee of future results).  Practice of this methodology along with open forthright communication, has allowed our clients to enjoy investing with confidence for over 25 years, and has earned our firm a very high client retention rate.  American Retirement Planning Group’s level of active discretionary investment management, advisory supervision, and focused client engagement will help to navigate you and your family through the uncertainties that lie ahead.