American Retirement Planning Group is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor

American Retirement Planning Group, Inc. (ARPG) was formed over 30 years ago. The reason: We feel the need for knowledgeable investment advice and financial planning is critical to accomplish your goals. When you are preparing for your retirement and need to invest funds, we feel investing with a set methodology and doing proper financial planning can make a remarkable difference in your financial future.

ARPG offers fee based money management programs in which we use our in-house Tactical Asset Allocation Management Program. Tactical Asset Allocation as defined by a  Vanguard institutional research report is "a dynamic strategy that actively adjusts a portfolio strategic asset allocation based on short-term market forecasts". You can use Tactical Asset Allocation on any investment account that has a variety of investment choices.

Why Tactical Asset Allocation? In a nutshell, we believe that there are times when you need to move your investments to the sidelines and keep them in more conservative investments, like money market accounts. Tactical Asset Allocation helps us identify when to reallocate your funds. We will work with all investments, mutual funds, annuities, stocks, bonds and insurance.

For information concerning the licensing status or disciplinary history of a broker-dealer, investment advisor, BD agent, or IA representative, a consumer should check Brokercheck.finra.org or SEC.gov. SEC Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training

ARPG manages assets for individuals, family trusts, corporate investment accounts, retirement and pension plans.